Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#58 The Gold Rush (1925)

I've been getting into too many different projects lately, so my movie-watching has slowed a little. I've been watching somewhat regularly, but I haven't felt like writing at all. I watched this movie months ago, maybe the first few days of February.... Oops.

Well, Charlie Chaplin is his usual Little Tramp self, but this time he's a prospector in the Alaska Gold Rush. It's another silent movie, but Netflix sent me the narrated version instead of the original version. The narration was completely unnecessary, and I would have liked to see this for the first time the way it was intended to be watched.

Even though I felt like I had seen a lot of the funny parts of this movie (probably incorporated into some Looney Tunes or old-school Disney cartoons-- see below, pretty sure some cartoon stole this), I laughed at bits of the movie. The love story was pretty cute, too. Charlie Chaplin is actually quite adorable. Too bad in real life he was a bit of a slut. He had several mistresses, twelve kids by four different wives, and his last child was born when he was 73. Wow.

Rating: 7/10

Big Names: Charlie Chaplin